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Sack of ... Something

Sack of ... Something


Here's the deal.  If we have something in the shipping area with your name on it, we stuff that into a sack (USPS Priority Mail more often than not) and ship it to you.  If there's nothing in the shipping area with your name on it, we'll grab some random junk and ship that to you.  Imagine the anticipation and excitement followed by crushing disappointment when you recieve a half-used roll of packing tape and stack of instruction cards for a basepad you don't even own!  Or maybe you'll get some defective Boss parts and half a rusty Lee Enfield bolt! (why that is lying around the shipping area is best not questioned).


So, you should probably not order this unless we tell you to.  Unless you need a reminder why surfing the internet drunk with a credit card is a bad idea.

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