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Our home office is located in Austin Texas.

We apologize but it is not open for visitors or retail sales.

Any incoming work and transfers must be approved in advance.

E-mail is our preferred contact method
For questions and comments about our products,

If you were planning to ask about blem gauge availability, all we can tell you is we try not to make any, and if we do, they will be listed on the blem page of the store. You can sign up for back-in-stock notifications there. 

Dealer and Distributor inquiries e-mail
For NFA services, consulting and private R&D work, please e-mail for sales, use sales@
Shop phone # 423/567-4625.  Due to massive spam calls, and very limited phone availability, leave a detailed message including what you are calling about for a return call.  Email is nearly always responded to sooner.



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